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Experience a breakthrough in wellness with a revolutionary spray solution! Outperforming traditional pills, this innovative sublingual spray offers rapid absorption, superior effectiveness, and extended duration, ensuring a new level of health benefits. Say goodbye to costly and inefficient pills, and embrace the future of health optimization.
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Our bodies cannot produce most vitamins independently, so we depend on our diet for these essential nutrients.
Contrary to popular belief, pills and gummies that you often rely on are not as effective as you believe. Our bodies struggle to fully absorb the various fillers and additives pills contain.
In contrast, using a sublingual spray allows the body to absorb over 90% of the vitamin, making it an excellent method for nutritional supplementation.


NUTRAFi sprays are a traveler's dream come true – compact and TSA-approved, they effortlessly fit in your purse or gym bag. Their ease of use and convenience make them perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, ensuring you stay health-focused wherever you travel.
Spray Delivery System for Faster Absorption
Each bottle contains a 30-Day Supply
on-the-go size
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Hard to swallow
Poor absorption
Can take 30 minutes or longer to be effective
Bulky packaging
Filled with sugars, fillers, and additives
Too hard to take around
Difficult for your body


Quick and easy to use
Effects in 30 sec or less
Delicious flavors
Easy to carry and store
No bad aftertaste
Instant absorption
All-natural and safe ingredients
Up to 10x more effective than comparable supplements

Morning, Noon, Night-Energy that lasts

Power up your day with a once-daily energy spray that lasts the entire day. B12 is a vital nutrient your body can’t produce that supports red blood cell production, mood, memory, heart, and bone health.
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Naturally Boosts
Promotes Cellular Health
Vitamin E & essential amino acids
Easy to digest & gentle on an empty stomach
Boost your immune system​

Elevate your health with the dynamic duo of Vitamin D3 + K2!

Vitamin D3 + K2 are a powerful combination, working in harmony to support your overall well-being. Vitamin D3, often known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is essential for bone health, immune function, and overall vitality. It helps your body absorb calcium, promoting strong bones and a robust immune system.
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your bones
Boost your immune system
Support your cardiovascular health
Easy to digest & gentle on an empty stomach

Your Daily Immunity Boost

Powered by Vitamin C, E, Echinacea, and essential amino acids that sustain your immune system and help you fight off a cold or shorten its duration. Charge up your system with a daily energy boost while the ingredients combine to fortify your entire immune system.
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Mix and Match any sprays
Supports the immune system with Vitamin C & Echinacea
Promotes the growth and repair of tissues all over the body
Vitamin E & amino acids help to restore your energy
Easy to digest & gentle on an empty stomach

Stop the Tossing and Turning Struggle

Stop struggling while trying to fall asleep and get a much-deserved full night’s rest. Lights Out combines the soothing effects of GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), the calming properties of valerian root, and a gentle hint of melatonin. This powerful trio works in harmony to ease the mind and body into a state of relaxation, making the transition to sleep smoother and more natural.
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Mix and Match any sprays
restful sleep
Wake up without that groggy feeling
“Resets” your body’s biological clock
Reduces the effects of jet lag
Contains passionflower & valerian root

Your new go-to solution for managing motion-related discomforts.

An innovative oral spray, infused with the natural goodness of ginger root and peppermint, is designed to support nausea relief, seasickness, and general motion sickness. While Motion Mist™ is crafted from natural ingredients, its primary focus is on effectiveness and health benefits, rather than solely on taste.
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Mix and Match any sprays
restful sleep
Wake up without that groggy feeling
“Resets” your body’s biological clock
Reduces the effects of jet lag
Contains passionflower & valerian root


My entire family uses NUTRAFi Vitamin sprays every day. We’re always on the go, and have no time for sickness. Between the IMMUNITY + spray for health, NUTRA BOOST for energy, and Lights Out for sleep, this brand has my family living our best life.
Erin S.
As an HR director for my company, it’s important I get good, quality sleep so that I can tackle my day bright and early. LIGHTS OUT helps me fall asleep and STAY asleep for a restful night without the groggy feeling in the morning. I’m so grateful I found this!
Jeanni S.
IMMUNITY+ is definitely my favorite spray! I’m mom to a toddler who attends daycare, so having IMMUNITY+ to keep my husband and me healthy has been a game-charger for my family!
Karen B.
I’ve found all the sprays to be fantastic, but the Vitamin D3+K2 is my absolute favorite. It’s significantly improved my vitamin D levels, as confirmed by my doctor. And the ‘Lights Out’ spray? Truly amazing! I’ve been enjoying a wonderful sleep ever since I started using it.

At 66 years old, working as an RN for 45 of those years, a broken arm is not what I needed at the end of 2023. I’ve suffered from osteoporosis since my gastric bypass in 2001 and I haven’t been able to absorb nutrients like others, so when I fell and broke my arm I figured it would take me 5-6 months to heal fully. Graciously, with the intervention of Jen and her NUTRAFi spray vitamins, I found my broken ulna to be healed much to my surprise in 6 weeks! The doctors were impressed with how quickly I healed, as was I!

The vitamins are easy to take, absorb quickly and taste wonderful. I’m looking forward to new products coming from NUTRAFi and will continue to use these products! Thank you, NUTRAFi!

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